CCTV Elan are one of Scotland's leading supplier of high quality Digital Surveillance solutions, Remote Monitoring and CCTV Security Systems. With over 10 years experience in Digital Surveillance, IT, Networks, Access Control and Electronics, we can provide complete security system solutions for our customers. We also offer free technical support to our customers as well as training on all our products.

Our CCTV Solutions are designed for a wide range of uses, including: Retail, Education, Banking, Gaming, Government, Healthcare, Hotel & Leisure, and Transportation. Whatever the application, we have a solution for you. With the Digital CCTV industry starting to embrace the latest technology, IP Cameras. It's time to ask yourself, are you missing out on the IP revolution?! It's easy to just say IP Cameras are new, so they are therefore the best option for anyone looking to either add to an existing CCTV installation or starting from scratch, but is this really the case?

We have a number of services for those who are looking to have a CCTV system installed.

  1. Our Basic Design Service is for a business or organisation that simply requires a quotation for the design, installation and commissioning of a CCTV system.
  2. Tenders and Multiple Quotations. Often companies are required to go out to tender or obtain at least two quotations before purchasing a CCTV system. Our unique service takes away the difficulties of comparing competing quotations where those responsible for making the decision have little knowledge of CCTV, or of the equipment being quoted.
  3. We will manage your system including giving you the best possible price and offer you a maintenance contract tailored to your needs.

So whatever your CCTV requirements, Elan CCTV have a solution that will not only be installed quickly and with optimum effect be aesthetically pleasing and make maximum use of the space available.