Ministry of Defence

The Client

Over the last six months Elan have been working on a number of Ministry of Defence Sites (M.O.D), these include Royal Navy, Royal Airforce, Royal Marines and Army. These sites have been spread across the South West of England. The work has involved the replacement of all their current data and voice cabling infrastructure and an overhaul of electrical power in a number of the sites.

As you may expect with an organisation as complex and diverse as the M.O.D, we have had to be very particular with a number of aspects of this work including security, logistics and most importantly the quality of our installations, ensuring that not only were our own high standards met, but also the standards of the Ministry of Defence and in particular those of their JSP480 regulations. These regulations provide a working document, guide frame and structure for all data cabling and electrical contractors working on MOD sites. The JSP480 regulations remove a lot of the grey areas in infrastructure provision and ultimately improve the quality of the installation. Importantly for Elan we have also had to up our game to meet the JSP480 installation standard.

The advantage of this contract for our other customers is that we at Elan have had to improve the quality of our work and we have had to improve our internal communicatons and logistics to meet the needs of this demanding client. We believe these improvements are now being passed on through our staff and engineers to every installation we now provide.