Stena Line

Elan Networks Data Centre Design and Build team worked closely with Stena Shipping management team to Design and Construct their new Glasgow Data Centre.

Client Brief

  • Design and build new data centre
  • Work to a deadline
  • Within budget
  • Ensure continuity of Data and Telephony services
  • Install new category 6 cabling system throughout the building
  • Support move from old to new data centre

Elan Networks designed a data centre solution that would not only help Stena to manage power, cooling and capacity of their data centre in real time, but also provided an efficient method for racking and stacking servers. Elan Networks provided the necessary power, cooling, security and monitoring capabilities for their data centre to help ensure efficient and reliable server operations and a security-rich environment.

The services brought together on this project included the following:

  • Power: Electrical Scheme, Dual Power supplies, Diverse rack power, Standby supplies.
  • Air Conditioning: Full function close control, high availability, down flow units, multiple condenser locations, Networked Microprocessor units.
  • Fire Detection and Suppression: Early warning fire detection system and use of inert Argonite gas as fire suppression agent.
  • Raised Flooring: Design and installation of heavy duty anti static raised floor.
  • Environmental monitoring system: APC (Netbotz) providing central and offsite warning of smoke, fire, humidity and water ingress into data centre.
  • Cabling: Full category 6 structured cabling system with 25 year warranty.
  • Move management: ensuring a transparent change over from the old to the new data centre and from the existing cabling system to the new cat 6 cabling system.
  • Stena’s demanding program, site restrictions, rack migration and technical requirements were met on time to a set budget and proof tested prior to handover. Our direct manufacturer relationships, born from trust and mutual partnership played an essential role in achieving success.

    “Success is no accident”

    Elan Networks commitment, application and our customer care coupled with expertise, experience, capability and a willingness to listen are our foundations to succeed.